Tuesday, 31 May 2011


My polish gloom is over! I bought 3 china glaze polishes today because my friend has access to a wholesale beauty shop. I also bought some maroccan oil shampoo and conditioner $14.50 each! Anyway, the colours I bought are Sugar Plums, Strawberry fields (been wanting this for a while now) and Grape juice. They were only $7.50 each, how much are they in America?
Swatches will be up shortly!


I have come to a conclusion that there are no good nail polish brands in Australia.
We have all the expensive brands such as OPI and the designer brands, but no other ones such as china glaze (unless you go into a wholesale store where you need to have a qualification). Frankly I am getting quite sick of this, I long for the day where I can drive down to my local shop, and purchase a colour I desire. But no! I have to purchase them off Ebay then wait 5893987439867439734958675 weeks before they arrive at my house!!! Not to mention all the other 'drugstore' polish brands I see and want on peoples' blogs aren't accessible because their sites only ship to US or have ridiculous shipping fees!! God how I wish I lived in America!!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blue Gradient

This nail art was inspired by a youtube tutorial video. I do not recall the name of the person whose channel it was :(. It's done by dabbing (with a sponge or paper towel - anything with textured holes in) light blue polish about one third of the way down the nail then applying the dark blue on the tips. I put a BYS Glam Glitter top coat on the top but only half way down the nail, then put my Revlon multi care top coat on top. Hope you like it!


These nails were done with OPI's Not Like The Movies.
This photo is taken with flash. The nail polish changes colour, depending on where the light hits the nail. It doesn't look as silver as this on the nail. It has more of a purpley greeny sparkle.

This one is without flash in natural light. You can see the purple and green in it. The mini brushes are hard to paint with, they never hold enough polish on the brush! The stamp was done with a Konad plate..but I can't seem to remember which one.. I managed to evade buying the Konad special polish and used BYS nail art lacquer (in Aus this brand is everywhere).  This is pre clean up so ignore the messiness.

Galaxy Nails

This was my first attempt at galaxy nails. I think it turned out alright! Sorry for the blurry image.
The base coat is Chanel - Blue Satin
I sponged silver and gold on the nail, and topped it off with a glittery top coat. The one that I have has big chunks of glitter in, it's perfect for decoration. Then I put a top coat on to seal it all in.

Leopard Print Nails

My first post! 

Base nail polish is Nails inc: Basil Street
The leopard spots are done with 3D nail art pens. I purchased them on ebay, a pack of 12 for $11! Bargain! Although I do not recommend using 3D pens as they remain like a heightened blob on the nail and when it dries it almost feels like rubber.