Sunday, 27 November 2011


Hey guys! Today I have for you a crackle by Barry M. I am lucky enough that my Dad and his wife live in the UK and when they came over they bought me lots of new polishes! Yay!


Hello, I haven't posted in ages! A few weeks ago I did a tiger print mani in an effort to start doing more nail art again. I used OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise and a black nail art polish by BYS. I only have one photo but I hope you like it! :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kleancolor Holo Orange

Hey guys! I have for you today a lovely polish from a lovely swap I did with Dolly ( We don't get Kleancolor in Aus so I did request a lot of these polishes from her. I was very intrigued with this one in particular. 
With Flash

With Flash, blurry so you can see the holo particles

Without Flash

With Flash

With Flash

I find that the formula with this particular Kleancolor polish was better than the others that I've tried, perhaps because its a bit thicker. The dry time is good too! All pictures are taken with a top coat on.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I have.............................CHANEL GRAPHITE

Hello Everyone! One thing, sorry people for not posting for aaages, I've been really busy with work and uni :( but lets get to the interesting stuff.

Nothing else I can say about this polish, except that it's like liquid gold, but silver. In Aus, Chanel polishes are $38 so a purchase like this doesn't happen very often, but my boyfriend surprised me with this because he heard it was limited edition. haha yay.

All of these were taken under artificial light...and sorry about the messy edges, I was rushing, I couldn't wait to get it on my nails!

The application was a breeze, but it's always the drying time that gets me down with Chanel polishes. When I painted them, I was doing other things so some nails got a bit dinged but when it dries they seem to go away.

I think I have found my favourite polish...I LOVE IT! It's not chrome, its not metal, it's still shiny and it has glitter particles in it. Ahhhhhhhh blinded by its beauty and the pics definately do not do this justice.

What do you think?! I think I'm going to have to get Peridot that came out in the same collection before it leaves the stores!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was in Melbourne for a week and when I got back I was working full time. I have lots and lots of polishes to show you! I got some in Melbourne and also some from a swap I did with Dolly ( She sent me some amazing polishes I was so happy when I was opening them it was like Christmas morning unwrapping all 20 of them. I shall post them shortly.

Back on topic, my collection is getting way too big for its current storage, the fridge. I need help in ideas to buy an affordable storage thing to fit them all in.
Any ideas?????


Sunday, 26 June 2011

French tip mani

Heeeeeello! Another post for tonight, as before the last post I hadn't posted in 10 days! Lazy me!

Anyways, I've always tried to do french tips with sticky tape. I gave up with the tape after a while, it got too annoying and kept sticking to my other fingers I had just done and it came off. So I used a nail art polish with a skinny brush. It's not perfect, but it's my first time!
Left Hand
 Right Hand
I used 2 coats OPI Bubble Bath for the base and a striping polish for the black. My top coat made the accent finger run :( My left hand accent of some kind of animal stripes looks so much better (minus the smudging thanks to the top coat) because when I was doing my right hand, I hadn't figured out the pattern I wanted to do yet before I put a random stripe.......idiot!

Haha not great but I hope you enjoy!

Strawberry Fields

I was dying to get this polish and was so happy when I found it in Australia, I wanted it because of the gold flecks, but I'm not sure it suits my skin tone. It is really too pink...or maybe I just don't like pink!

Here are some swatches.

Can anyone recommend polishes with coloured flecks in it? I love them!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

NOTD: Chi Chi Walkin on Sunshine

I absolutely love this!!! I painted my nails this colour in the afternoon and the lighting was dull. Then my bf and I went to the shops, where there's bright lights everywhere, and BAM they were so bright...I felt kinda odd. My bf hated it! haha!. I have work tomorrow...I wonder how this mani will go down on my 4th shift haha...

I thought adding some crackle would make it a little less bright...was I right? This crackle is China Glaze black mesh btw which is fantastic! Although I've only used it twice and it went all gluggy....can anyone tell me why? :( it could be a case of the bottle not screwed tight enough..but has it happened to anyone else?!?!? please let me know!

China Glaze - Grape Juice

This colour is called Grape Juice. I must admit, it takes A LOT for a polish to impress me. I don't even have any favourites out of my huge collection (sad, I know). I do like purple, and this is a cool polish but I wasn't all that impressed. However, the formula is good (as most CG polishes are) and there was no bubbles, yay! Theres micro glitter in this polish which is only visable in the light, otherwise the purple is quite dull if you ask me.

 So in an effort to spruce it up a bit I added a glitter topcoat by Australian brand Ulta3 called Confetti. Quite good if you ask me, I really like this top coat. The purple defs looked better after a little sparkly goodness was added!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nubar 2010

Yay look what I received off the wonderful world of eBay. Nubar 2010! Its layered over 2 coats of OPI My Private Jet. 

2 coats of MPJ alone with flash

MPJ without flash

Nubar 2010 G133 in sunlight

Nubar 2010 G133 in shade

With flash
Isn't it pretty?!?!? I love it!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

2 Coloured Mani

With this mani I used 2 BYS colours; Pretty As A Peach and Kung Fu Blue.
No flash
With flash
I also used my 3d nail art pen in silver. My hands are really shaky and not used to applying with these pens it was my first time doing lines so do not laugh at the uneveness of each line down the middle haha.
I love BYS nail polish its such a good formula for the price and not to mention the immense colour selection they have! I highly recommend these polishes and I would be happy to get any one some :)

Revlon Tropical Teal

This colour is very nice and the pictures don't quite capture its beauty. Its almost like a metallic teal colour.
With flash
 you can see the bubbles :(

No flash

I had to take it off within 24 hours though because the polish bubbled. The bad thing about Revlon polishes is that they take ages to dry, meanwhile I always bump or wipe my nails on something and the polish comes right off. I put more and more coats on to cover the imperfections hence the bubbles. I am just not patient enough! I must invest in a quick dry top coat!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coolest giveaway, ever!

Check out this marvelous giveaway by GildedNails.
Its amazing!


I would love to do a swap with someone! Whose in?
I know I don't have many followers whatsoever but if you see this and you are interested tell me! Yay.

Sugar Plums

This colour is called Sugar Plums by China Glaze. Its a maroon colour with micro glitter in it and some of them look holo-y (SOME - a tiny amount and only in certain light)

This pic shows the holographic micro glitter in the bottle, its blurry for a reason!! :)

One disappointment about this polish is that it turns out bubbly and bumpy as you can maybe tell in the photos. I love the colour and it went opaque in 2 coats but I hate any polish that turns bubbly! It really puts me off!  I do love the colour. Yes I was in a rush whilst doing these hence the messiness around my nails haha

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


My polish gloom is over! I bought 3 china glaze polishes today because my friend has access to a wholesale beauty shop. I also bought some maroccan oil shampoo and conditioner $14.50 each! Anyway, the colours I bought are Sugar Plums, Strawberry fields (been wanting this for a while now) and Grape juice. They were only $7.50 each, how much are they in America?
Swatches will be up shortly!


I have come to a conclusion that there are no good nail polish brands in Australia.
We have all the expensive brands such as OPI and the designer brands, but no other ones such as china glaze (unless you go into a wholesale store where you need to have a qualification). Frankly I am getting quite sick of this, I long for the day where I can drive down to my local shop, and purchase a colour I desire. But no! I have to purchase them off Ebay then wait 5893987439867439734958675 weeks before they arrive at my house!!! Not to mention all the other 'drugstore' polish brands I see and want on peoples' blogs aren't accessible because their sites only ship to US or have ridiculous shipping fees!! God how I wish I lived in America!!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blue Gradient

This nail art was inspired by a youtube tutorial video. I do not recall the name of the person whose channel it was :(. It's done by dabbing (with a sponge or paper towel - anything with textured holes in) light blue polish about one third of the way down the nail then applying the dark blue on the tips. I put a BYS Glam Glitter top coat on the top but only half way down the nail, then put my Revlon multi care top coat on top. Hope you like it!


These nails were done with OPI's Not Like The Movies.
This photo is taken with flash. The nail polish changes colour, depending on where the light hits the nail. It doesn't look as silver as this on the nail. It has more of a purpley greeny sparkle.

This one is without flash in natural light. You can see the purple and green in it. The mini brushes are hard to paint with, they never hold enough polish on the brush! The stamp was done with a Konad plate..but I can't seem to remember which one.. I managed to evade buying the Konad special polish and used BYS nail art lacquer (in Aus this brand is everywhere).  This is pre clean up so ignore the messiness.

Galaxy Nails

This was my first attempt at galaxy nails. I think it turned out alright! Sorry for the blurry image.
The base coat is Chanel - Blue Satin
I sponged silver and gold on the nail, and topped it off with a glittery top coat. The one that I have has big chunks of glitter in, it's perfect for decoration. Then I put a top coat on to seal it all in.

Leopard Print Nails

My first post! 

Base nail polish is Nails inc: Basil Street
The leopard spots are done with 3D nail art pens. I purchased them on ebay, a pack of 12 for $11! Bargain! Although I do not recommend using 3D pens as they remain like a heightened blob on the nail and when it dries it almost feels like rubber.