Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ulta3 Matte and Cream Lipsticks!

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For all you Aussies out there, I wonder if you have noticed the new Ulta3 stands at various chemists. They have a full range of beauty products now! New lines of nail polish, eye shadow and other eye and face products. To my shock, they have such a great range of lipsticks!! They have a matte and a cream collection, in which all shades are very wearable and colourful.

Here's a picture of the packaging. 

So, the matte shades are in the matte packets. They are Orange Crush and Harem Pink. The shiny packet has the cream shade, which is Forever Fawn. These lipsticks remind me of the NYX ones!! I picked them up hoping that Ulta3 would be the new NYX for us Aussies...haha. It could potentially happen because their range is getting bigger and bigger! Now onto the swatches and review.

These are the colours: harem pink, orange crush and forever fawn. Now these lipsticks are $2.99 each (I think, or there abouts...I don't have a receipt) ANYWAYS SUPER affordable. You can see that Harem pink and Orange crush are the matte shades, while forever fawn has a gloss to it. 

These lipsticks apply well. They are very pigmented for the price. The matte shades, however, go on a little sheer but then they can be built up by applying more lipstick. All in all the pigmentation is ok once you have enough product on your lip. For the cream one, you do not need to apply much at all and the pigmentation is very good. It feels very light and moisturising, which is unlike the matte shades. ANDD they smell nice! Yay!

In my opinion, the Cons are:
- not very good colour pay off in first application with the matte ones
- the colours aren't true to the little tub at the bottom of the lipstick
- the matte colours are a little dull

- excellent price
- they don't smell cheap like the NYX ones, they have a sweet smell
- they have a good range of colours and finishes
- they last a long time (After these swatches and showering once that night and once the next morning I could still see the colours on my arm!)

All in all I am quite impressed with this product. I wish I swatched the testers a bit better in the store though, because I don' think I could have picked up Harem Pink and Orange Crush because they turn out to be a little dull. I think I will most certainly get some more!

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