Sunday, 26 June 2011

French tip mani

Heeeeeello! Another post for tonight, as before the last post I hadn't posted in 10 days! Lazy me!

Anyways, I've always tried to do french tips with sticky tape. I gave up with the tape after a while, it got too annoying and kept sticking to my other fingers I had just done and it came off. So I used a nail art polish with a skinny brush. It's not perfect, but it's my first time!
Left Hand
 Right Hand
I used 2 coats OPI Bubble Bath for the base and a striping polish for the black. My top coat made the accent finger run :( My left hand accent of some kind of animal stripes looks so much better (minus the smudging thanks to the top coat) because when I was doing my right hand, I hadn't figured out the pattern I wanted to do yet before I put a random stripe.......idiot!

Haha not great but I hope you enjoy!


  1. Very nice!

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