Thursday, 16 June 2011

NOTD: Chi Chi Walkin on Sunshine

I absolutely love this!!! I painted my nails this colour in the afternoon and the lighting was dull. Then my bf and I went to the shops, where there's bright lights everywhere, and BAM they were so bright...I felt kinda odd. My bf hated it! haha!. I have work tomorrow...I wonder how this mani will go down on my 4th shift haha...

I thought adding some crackle would make it a little less bright...was I right? This crackle is China Glaze black mesh btw which is fantastic! Although I've only used it twice and it went all gluggy....can anyone tell me why? :( it could be a case of the bottle not screwed tight enough..but has it happened to anyone else?!?!? please let me know!

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